Hiro Hirono
Age 17 (approx)
Status Alive
Height 165 cm
Weight 52kg
Birthday September 9
Romance Miyako Miyamura
Relatives Nagi (older sister)
father (unnamed)

Hiro Hirono is a mangaka who attends Otobane Academy in Otowa, Japan as a junior. He writes shōjo manga professionally under the moniker "Nagi Shindou" (新堂 凪, Shindō Nagi), which is a portmanteau of his sister's given name (Nagi) and the homophonic spelling of his childhood friend Kei's surname (Shindou). Mizuki Hayama is a big fan of Shindō Nagi's work; she is unaware that it is really Hiro.

In order to earn an income he focuses on writing his manga, and he has little interest in attending school. He lives alone.


He has a close platonic relationship with his childhood friend, Kei Shindou, who acts like his sister, although they are not actually related. Kei has a key to Hiro's apartment and often lets herself in at will. She wakes Hiro up in the morning for school, cleans his apartment for him, brings meals for him, and generally acts like his mother. She is secretly in love him him.

On Christmas night, Miyako Miyamura steals Hiro's bike while trying to catch a purse thief. Several months later Miyako meets Hiro again at school and she aggressively pursues a relationship with him, much to the consternation of Kei. Later on, they shared 3 kisses throughout the series. They have also made love, but was not shown in the episodes. Hiro ended up choosing Miyako.

Key ProblemEdit

Hiro is chronically indecisive. He always does things only half way, never committing himself to any definite plan of action. This includes whether to focus on his manga or school, and whether to commit to Miyako or to Kei. Kyosuke Tsutsumi calls him out for it and beats him up because of it.

Physically, Hiro suffers from painful tendonitis in his drawing arm, which is progressively getting worse. He worries that he might have to end his career as a manga artist. In Melodies episode 4, his sister Nagi Hirono starts to take over much of the finishing work, including inking and lettering, as his unpaid assistant. This gives Hiro some relief from the pain.