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Abandoned train stationAkane HimuraAkira Amamiya
Chihiro ShindouChurchEF a tale of memories/melodies Wiki
Emi IzumiEuphoric FieldHiro Hirono
Kei ShindouKuze's houseKuze Shuichi
Kyosuke TsutsumiMiyako MiyamuraMizuki Hayama
Nagi HironoOtobane AcademyOtowa (Twin City)
Renji AsouSeason 1 Episode 1Season 1 Episode 10
Season 1 Episode 11Season 1 Episode 12Season 1 Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 3Season 1 Episode 4Season 1 Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 6Season 1 Episode 7Season 1 Episode 8
Season 1 Episode 9Season 2 Episode 1Season 2 Episode 10
Season 2 Episode 11Season 2 Episode 12Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2 Episode 3Season 2 Episode 4Season 2 Episode 5
Season 2 Episode 6Season 2 Episode 7Season 2 Episode 8
Season 2 Episode 9Sumire AsouYuu Himura
Yuuko Amamiya
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File:Ef A tale of melodies - Yuuko Death (Song A moon filled sky)File:Ef A tale of melodies - Yuuko Death (Song A moon filled sky)-0File:Emi.jpg
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File:Yuuko's scar.gifFile:Yuukofirst.jpgFile:Yuuyuuko.png

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