Miyako Miyamura
Age 17 (approx)
Status Alive
Height 162 cm
Weight 47kg
Birthday September 8
Romance Hiro Hirono
Relatives mother, father, grandmother
(all unnamed)

Miyako Miyamura is one of the main heroines of Memories. She lives in Otowa, Japan and attends Otobane Academy as a junior. Her parents are divorced and she lives alone.

On the surface Miyako displays a very outgoing and energetic personality, acting like a naïve manic pixie dream girl with little care for the traditional norms of Japanese behavior for young women. This is actually a façade to hide her basic insecurity (see Key Problem below). She is in fact isolated and has no friends. She is also actually quite intelligent, as is evidenced by her excellent grades and top ranking in class despite the fact that she rarely attends school.


On Christmas night, Miyako steals the bike of Hiro Hirono while trying to catch a purse thief. Several months later she meets him again at school. She sees in Hiro another loner who rarely attends school, and she is immediately attracted to him. She aggressively pursues a relationship with Hiro, much to the consternation of Hiro's friend Kei Shindou, who is still secretly in love with him from childhood. Kei becomes jealous of Miyako and attempts to make Hiro 'forget' her.

Key ProblemEdit

Miyako suffers from acute athazagoraphobia - the fear of being forgotten or abandoned. Her phobia was caused by her parents' bitter divorce when she was young, where in their continual fights they had completely ignored their young daughter and emotionally abandoned her. Eventually she lived by herself to escape the pain. From this she created her false persona as a naïve genki girl.

She also has hidden depression. This is emphasized by the fact that any time a scene is depicted from Miyako's point of view, there is no color, only shades of gray. (She is not colorblind.)

Because of her fear of abandonment, she demands that Hiro never forget her as a condition of their relationship. Kei, who is also in love with Hiro, maneuvers to create a series of events that trigger Miyako's phobia, and she breaks up with him. By the end of Memories Miyako overcomes her phobia and she and Hiro become a couple.


The kiss between Miyako and Hiro is featured at TV Tropes as The Big Damn Kiss. It is regarded as one of the most epic kissing scenes ever to appear in a visual novel.