Otobane Academy

Otobane Academy is the name of the private high school where much of the story of ef takes place. The school is located in the city of Otowa. The school is affiliated with a nearby Christian church and with a Christian orphanage.

Parochial SchoolEdit

The school appears to be parochial, as the girls' uniforms display a Christian cross on either the front or the back. Mizuki Hayama, who attends an affiliated middle-school in Memories, wears a similar uniform that displays a cross on it.

A parochial school is typically open to all children in the district, and students are not required to be Christians in order to attend. A parochial school's curriculum typically includes general religious education in addition to secular subjects, such as science, mathematics and language arts.

Two Identical SchoolsEdit

There are actually two identical schools named Otobane. One is located in Otowa, Japan and the other is located in Otowa, Australia.

School RoofEdit

School Roof

Some of the most important scenes in ef take place on the school roof, which is guarded by a locked door. At one time the Astronomy Club possessed a key to access the roof. Before the club was disbanded, a copy of the key was secretly made. This secret key was then handed down, from generation to generation, between the students of Otobane. It is intended to be used by "those who need it", and then handed on to the next student.