Ever Forever (Released December 15, 2007)Edit

Chihiro finally finishes her novel and asks Renji to read it, though she does not want to be around when he does. Renji proposes they go out on a date, which Chihiro happily agrees to. However, she only promises Renji that they will become lovers for just a single day. After their date, Renji confesses his love to her once again on the school rooftop, and shortly after they make love while still on the rooftop.

Later that night while still at the school, as Chihiro's memories of her perfect day with Renji begin to slowly fade away, she gives Renji the novel to read. She goes up to the school rooftop to wait for him to finish. After realizing the bleak ending of the novel, Renji runs up to the rooftop to meet Chihiro, and she tells him that they should break up while she can still love him. Previously while she was alone on the rooftop, Chihiro had located all of the pages in her dairy that contained her accounts of Renji and had ripped them out. She throws the ripped-out pages off the rooftop and into the air, and Renji sees them blow away in the wind. This effectively erases Renji from her mind, forcing Renji to break up with her. (See ef - Chihiro & Renji Final Rooftop Scene)

Chihiro then goes home and does a cold reboot.

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