Sumire Asou
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height 161 cm
Weight 49kg
Birthday April 7
Relatives Renji Asou (son)
Mizuki Hayama (niece)

Sumire Asou is the mother of Renji Asou. They live together in a townhouse apartment in Otowa, Australia. She is a culinary teacher who works evenings. Sumire's husband is a German architect who is currently working overseas.

Sumire is very personable and outgoing. In appearance she looks quite young despite the fact that she is Renji's mother.


Sumire is aware that her next door neighbor, Kuze Shuichi, is dying from a terminal illness. She takes care of him in secret.

Sumire enjoys flirting with Kuze, who is a well-known womanizer. (She might be doing it to try to cheer him up.) Kuze in turn openly lusts after her in front of Renji and Mizuki. (He might be doing it to maintain his façade as a healthy man with an active libido.) There is no evidence of any actual relationship between them.

In Memories episode 6, Kuze's fetish for women wearing cosplay uniforms is revealed. He owns dozens of such outfits (schoolgirl, policewoman, nurse, etc). In a funny scene he tells Sumire's son, Renji, that Sumire enjoys modeling the cosplay outfits for him in his townhome. This freaks out Renji.

In Melodies, Sumire introduces Kuze to her young niece, Mizuki Hayama, who is staying with Sumire and Renji while she is on winter break from her school in Otowa, Japan. Sumire makes a point of warning Kuze to not take advantage of the young innocent schoolgirl (and he doesn't). This sets up Kuze's arc in Melodies.